4 Mistakes You Should Never Commit When Choosing Lighting

One of the most important elements in Décor is lighting. It is not only important for us so that we could do anything safely and effectively, but it also effects how things look, and even more it effects how we feel about them. If you want to learn about the mistakes people do when choosing lighting and how to avoid them, then you have come to the right place.

1- Choosing the wrong wattage is number one. Not every room in your house needs strong wattage. Wattage affects how strong you want your lighting to be. Strong wattage lighting is needed for places like kitchen, study room, home office etc. In addition, it is unpreferred for bedrooms and dining rooms where dim lights set the right mood.

2- Do not depend on one lighting source only per room. The most evident reason is that when it is broken you well have a lousy time until it is fixed. Other understandable reasons are that this lone lighting will not cover all of the room and the lighting will be different from one place to another.

3- Avoid too bright overhead lighting. Besides the fact that overhead lighting should be avoided, too bright overhead lighting is even worse because it makes you feel like you are on the runway, or worse staring at the sun. Use dimmers and set the lighting so that it can be adjusted to your liking.

4- Do not forget about places your lighting system cannot reach. There are few places that need lighting but do not get much of it, like kitchen under cabinets and closets. Install lighting of sufficient wattage for these places.

A good lighting means that your work will be done quickly and effectively, and that you will have both “bright” house and future.

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