The 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Choosing Paint

Choosing a certain color for painting your walls can be difficult. There are hundreds of different shades of every color possible. It is no wonder that the moment of choosing a paint color is alarming. However, there few things you should avoid when choosing paint colors. Avoiding these mistakes will make choosing colors much easier.

1- First mistake you should avoid is deciding on the color you want based on paint slips. This small square of paint is not enough to choose the right color. Therefore, choose few colors you think are ok, then paint them on a wide space on your wall. This will help you decide better if this is the right color or not.

2- Another mistake people commit is that they decide on a color neglecting the effect of natural light and artificial light. One color does not look the same throughout the day. So choose a color that looks appealing at day, noon and night.

3- Another serious mistake people commit when choosing colors is that they choose it before choosing furniture. It may seem like it makes sense furnishing in a room that is already done with regarding wall paint, but do not do it. Your wall paint colors should be inspired by the colors of your furniture.

4- Choosing a bold color you love is another big mistake you should avoid. Choose light hues and soft neutral colors as main colors, and choose a bold color as accent colors. The neutral colors will bring out the beauty and boldness of the accent colors even more than when they are used as main colors.

5- Another mistake is sticking to the general thinking too much. Do not stick to neutral colors only because they are safe, or just pick another shade of your rug’s colors for the walls. Be daring and experiment a little. This is how you get the hang of choosing colors and how you come across surprisingly beautiful new combinations. Choosing the right colors is important for a colorful life not just décor. Make choosing colors a thing to enjoy and you will like the results.