The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Should Avoid When Decorating Their Bathrooms

Since bathroom is one of the most vital areas in your house, you should take great care with designing and decorating it. However, people make mistakes when decorating their bathrooms (like they do when doing anything else). We will point out here some of the most common mistakes people do – and should avoid – when decorating their bathrooms.

1- I do not know why someone thought that placing a carpet in a bathroom is elegant and classy! Yes, placing a carpet in the bathroom is the first – and worst – mistake. A bathroom flooring needs constant cleaning and it always gets wet. With a carpet, expect an icky molding thing left on your bathroom floor until you get fed up with it and throw it away.

2- Stick to neutral colors as a main color for your bathroom decor. IF you choose something bold, like emerald green for example, you will find out that you are stuck with it for the whole bathroom, whereas neutral colors can be accentuated with any other color.

3- Open display shelves on the toiletry is another big mistakes in your bathroom. Imagine shelves on the right and left of your bathroom mirror holding all sorts of pastes, brushes, prescription bottles etc. It is not a pretty sight. Install some cabinets to keep things tidy.

4- Using wallpaper instead of tiles in a bathroom is another lousy obvious mistake. You will not like being anywhere close to your bathroom with its peeling down moldy wallpapers.

5- Bargain floorings are another grave mistake in a bathroom. By bargain, I mean something you bought just for being cheap. Bathrooms are used daily so invest in good bathroom floor tiles and choose something waterproof. It is important to buy and install good materials and fixtures for your bathroom, since it is always exposed to water and moisture. Trying to economize here is unwise.