Modern Accent Color Touches to Provide Your Home a Breathtaking Look Inspired from Art Design Build

Are you bored with the neutral colors and afraid to use bold colors? Actually, you can paint an accent wall a suitable amount of your favorite bold color or use accessories to accentuate the place. Let’s make use of the colors used by the team of Art Design Build.

Creating an accent wall in your bedroom needs a creative plan. If the room is small, you can create colorful round or oval shapes on a light background to create an accent wall. The team of Art Design Build tries to make use of the large master bedroom space in Nebraska home to create a complete royal blue accent wall with white curtains behind the headboard. To complete the accent look, the team designs the bathroom with black counters and floor tiles in addition to white walls.

Don’t afraid to use black accent wall in a neutral colored home, but try to make sure that you have a large space and will use the perfect lighting technique. In the dining room of Fulton home, the team members use black walls with spotlights at the white ceiling in addition to the luxurious candleholder to keep the formal look of the place.

If you have a small space but love the black accent color, you can use black tiles around the fireplace screen and make sure that they will blend with your light colored walls.

Instead of painting your walls a bold color, you can create an accent look using a colorful artistic painting, a set of natural plants and flowers, the backsplashes, the mosaic tiles in a white bathroom, the pillows, colorful fabrics or roman shades, an area rug, or even a suitable colored small piece of furniture.