Modern and romantic bedrooms for new couples

Every couples are seeking for a new and different design for their new house and certainly they want to give their home especially bedroom an elegant and special look . So if you are new couples and look for romantic cozy ideas for your bedroom keep reading ,you will gain a lot of benefits .

Shall we start with color of painting , the best one is bright white color as it can opt with any other color and also give you a wide space for any innovations . You can mix it with simple floral prints which give warm and romantic feeling . For curtains you can choose the satin curtains with two soft colors which opt together in simple draping manner .

For the bed you must have seen a lot of designs and become fuzzy what is the suitable one .Don’t worry we can help you in that matter . The queen sized bed is the best one for many reasons . Firstly it can fit any type of room either classic or modern , it also fit for any time . You can highlight the decor by design a simple smooth drape above the bed that look like a crown , this crown add magic and romantic look .

If you love French designs the satin linens with simple matches will satisfy your need and reflect wonderful sensation . Also you can add some romantic touches for your bedroom as aromatic candles that spread strong and magic aroma . Using elegant decorative lamps with dim and yellow light reflect warm and romance .

You can get inspiration from the following pictures.