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Modern Asian Living Room Decorating Ideas

As a family, you will need to spend times every day together in a nice and comforting atmosphere to strengthen your relationships and practice your hobbies. The best way to achieve this dream is to design a modern Asian living room or even add elements of Asian culture to your existing room. The perfect decoration for such a room will create a sense of balance in the room giving you a Zen feel.

The expensive wood and rich colors can give your modern Asian living room an authentic look. You can paint the wall beige and dark brown, sage green, bisque, slate gray, or sand yellow to give the room a Zen look.

The Asian shoji screen is a popular room divider that will help you make use of every part in your living room. The lacquered low seating area along with the Feng Shui and bamboo window shutter will unify the look of your modern Asian living room.

The tropical plants with Chinese antique pottery on rough rattan mats in different corners of your living room will spread a feeling of inner harmony throughout the room. Try to use minimum decorating items to avoid cluttering the space. For example, the rectangular mirror with cherry or wood frame with a simple black vase filled with orchid will be a perfect decoration for your modern Asian living room.

The modern water fountains are a perfect option to decorate the room giving it a calming atmosphere. If you have a shortage of space into your Asian living room, you can use the futon as a sofa, a table, and a storage space. It will be a great idea if you can place tatami mats beside the coffee table and around your seating area to complete the Zen look.