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Modern Bathroom Window Curtain Designs

Curtains are considered as a decoration item in your bathroom but still have their functional roles. Such curtains will be able to give your bathroom a luxurious look, keep your privacy from your neighbors’ eyes, and set the mood in your kitchen according to their designs and colors. The style of the window curtain should go with the general style into your bathroom. If your bathroom is designed in the modern style, this article will give you several choices to find out the perfect curtain for your own bathroom.

One of the most interesting modern curtains is the simple café curtain that can cover the lower half of your bathroom window to give your bathroom a sparkling look. . The pleasing looking upper valances with matching colored café curtain can increase your sense of privacy giving the room an elegant appearance and the woven window shades within the frame of the window are one of the elegant ways to control the privacy and light you need.

The length of your modern bathroom window curtain varies according to the mood you need to set into the place. You can choose the white curtain starting from the ceiling to give your bathroom a luxurious and spacious look. The floor to ceiling curtain needs to be water proofed to give the place a clean and elegant look. The layered curtain will provide you a durable and luxurious look so that it can withstand steam, water spots, and hairspray. If you have a modern white bathroom, you can hang a printed bold curtain that will give an illusion of an open designed window.

Your bathroom curtain accessories are able to alter the entire look into your bathroom if you can choose them perfectly. The stainless steel rings or different shaped hooks can enhance the theme and decorate your bathroom in an elegant modern way.

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