Interior Design 4

Modern Country Kitchens Design

Interior design has progressed a lot in the terms that you can have the nostalgic warm feeling of a country kitchen design without messing out on the amazing modern kitchen technology. Some thought is required to achieve the wonderful formula for modern country kitchens design. For instance, you need to understand how to reach a country kitchen design with the benefits of modern design.

An image of country kitchens design takes us to a place that is designed from nature. Hence, you are going to need wood kitchen furniture in addition to wood flooring. Since wood flooring would be hard to maintain especially in kitchens, thanks to modern technology, there are ceramic tiles with in wooden motifs and colors that you cannot separate from genuine wood flooring.

A nice piece for furniture in modern country kitchens is a wooden round table. The round table shape will encourage sharing meals once supported by a nice set of large chairs. Upholstered chairs would look fine but for modern country kitchens design, it is preferable to use removable cushions and chair covers to clean easily in case of spill accidents.

There is no specific color code for modern country kitchens design, but make sure there is a smooth flow of colors to avoid clashing. The kitchen table with a flower vase or a candleholder usually stands as the focal point of country kitchens. Hence, you can use the colors of the vase for inspiration for the rest of the kitchen design.

Accessories play a vital role in establishing modern country kitchens design. For instance, the use of a checked red and white, or floral tablecloth can give an impressive country style. Completing the accessories with a framed countryside picture and aluminum serving trays will also accentuate the impression substantially. Lighting is another important aspect in kitchen design. You can use lace curtains to make beautiful use of daylight with a rustic feel.