Modern Designs – Creative Ideas to Add Classic Pieces to Modern Designs

Mixing features like sleekness and simplicity with elegance and luxury is such a creative idea to apply to a modern design, but what is more important is to achieve this mix in a successful way, wondering how? The answer is in this article, so join me here to know how to add a classic touch to a modern design.

The first rule you need to follow here is not to choose randomly, you should be so selective and choose only the pieces that can match the modern design like pieces that have less carvings and sleek surfaces.

It’s so simple and easy, just try some different ideas and mix between the two styles, looking for some inspirational ideas? Ok, start with this one and look for a simple classic piece like an old chest blanket and turn it into a modern seating by covering its surface with a colorful fabric or leather cushion.

You can add couple of pillows in plain color and use this amazing piece as a comfortable puff chair in your living room. Most of the blanket chests come with additional storage places which means you can use it to store different stuff like books and magazines.

This amazing piece can be used as a bench in your bedroom as well, it will be very helpful to you in the morning when you are getting ready for work and for sure you can use it as a storage place to store different stuff like shoes, clothes, bed covers, blankets, etc. Is that all? No, it could be used as a toy box in your kids room besides using it as a seating puff, imagine how organized the room will look after you put all the toys in one organized place. Just make sure to choose a safe chest blanket with no edges or metal pieces to guarantee your kid’s safety.

You can use it as a coffee table by adding one coat of fresh paint and a glass top, you can also decorate it with couple of modern candle holders and small green pot. Do you have a classic chair, so what about applying the same idea to it? You will have a new modern chair that you can use in your living room or your bedroom.

The ideas are countless; you can also use this one. If you have an old classic door, you can simply turn it into a modern table. Just give the door a fresh coat of paint to make it look as new, then all what you need to do is to make a table base, you can design a table base with wooden legs or you can design a metal one, the choice is up to you. Place the door as a table top above the base you made and enjoy a practical table.

You can put this table in your living room; kitchen or you can even use it in your dining room. Adding a glass top to the table top (I mean the door) sounds more than amazing, it will be a dining table made from scratch and it can be used for more than one purpose.

I know you will love this one, if you have enough free space in your kitchen and you are thinking of adding an affordable kitchen island with extra storage places, you can use the help of a classic buffet. Just add a marble top to this precious piece and enjoy an extra working top in your kitchen. That isn’t all; you can use the cabinets and the drawers to store your different cooking wares. You can give it a fresh coat of paint with the same color of your kitchen and you can change its knobs with new ones that match with your kitchen knobs to make a sense of harmony in your kitchen.

Slipcovers are magical solutions that you can make good use of, if you have an old classic sofa or living room set. You will find thousands of slipcovers with modern prints; you can even buy two or three different slipcovers if you love applying remolding ideas regularly.

Take a look at a classic dresser and think of some creative ideas like using its mirror above the fireplace, hanging it in the dinning room or above the bathroom sink. You can repaint the mirror’s frame with any color that match your home design or you can use sliver or gold spray to add some glowing touch. You can also change its look by covering its classic frame with some glamorous ideas like pearls, seashells or beadings and hang it in your bedroom or in your girl’s room.

If you like the ideas, but you don’t have any pieces to apply these creative ideas to, then it’s time to visit any near garage sale, flea market or classic antique store and pick the things that fit your home design.

Before you throw away any furniture piece, take a look at this piece and think of any creative idea that can turn this old piece into a new usable one. The classic furniture pieces are priceless and it’s always nice to keep them around especially if they remind us of some special times.