Modern Interior Design, Colors, Lighting

Defining Modern Design is no easy task. There is a difference between modern design and contemporary design. Contemporary design is what designers and artists mean by a changing group of recent styles and trends. On the other hand, modern design has its own trends which remained quite unchanged for several years.

Modern interior design was inspired from decorative arts, particularly form art deco. What distinguishes modern design is its form as it uses geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles and ovals. Modern interior design is basically very simple in its design but with a touch of embellishments to break the flat and even forms.

Modern interior design uses different materials such as wood, plastic, glass and glossy metals (such as stainless steel which is used for example in making legs of a chair or the body of a lamp). Chairs are among the well-known examples of modern design.

Mixing modern colors, decor, furniture and lighting can create a modern interior design. Moreover, here are some ideas you can use to create your own modern look and relaxing environment with little changes.

Furnishing the modern interior design

Modern furniture is about simplicity and practicality, so you can use for example asymmetrical circulars or square lines in your decoration to give a little center of attraction. You should bear in mind that modern furniture is close to the ground to be easily reached. For instance, beds and couches are usually just a few feet off the ground.

Modern Smart Usage of Space

To achieve a simple without-clutter look you may use space saving features such as hidden cabinets under coffee tables or armoires for televisions, computers and DVDs.

Modern Themes

Using themes for the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen helps enhance the modern look you seek.

Lighting Up the Modern Interior

Modern lighting can be an extension to the theme you are using. Modern lighting is simple and practical but at the same time made with unusual shapes and materials.

Modern Colors

The colors used differ every day, but natural colors and black/white combos are frequently used these days.