Modern Interior Design Ideas for Apartments

Did you just move into a new apartment and would like to design it that it would look attractive, original, and interesting? Do you hate the idea of clutter? If so, contemporary style may be the right one for you, as contemporary interior decor works best in modern homes such as apartments and lofts. Contemporary interior decor also brings out the architectural structure of a property and focus attention on to the shapes of windows, walls, and doors. So, try and choose a design that suits the architecture of your property.

Here are some ideas that might help you while you work on your apartment’s interiors. Make giving a spacious feel to the apartment your primary aim. De-clutter the area. Get rid of the items that you do not really need and make a list of the items that you actually need and that might occupy some space. For example, if you are buying a new electronic device which would need to be placed on the floor, you need to make sure that certain area is dedicated for this item in the new plan.

For storage, smart storage is the way to go. Smart storage will store your objects and add up to the decorations as well, such as decorative cabinets. In your bedroom, especially if it is a small one, use colorful wall cabinets on one of the walls of your bedroom.

In the kitchen, if you have a kitchen island or planning to install one, make sure to have a lot of drawers and closed shelves. In the living room you can have the floating wall shelves that will display your decorative art pieces, or you might use them if you are considering having an entertainment center, and that way you will be freeing the floor space. Moreover, if your living room is small, have the floating wall shelves on the larger wall, so that it doesn’t give a cluttered look.

If you are having wooden flooring, it is best to show them, not cover them with rugs and carpets as the view of wood flooring gives an elegant and spacious look to the apartment.

For the colors, go for color combos such as red and white, violet and white, gray and white and choose vases and decorative items to match these wall colors and place them in the corners.

Do not forget lighting. You can install huge glass windows through which sunlight can shine through the rooms, and if you are concerned about your privacy, install window blinds which you can pull down when required. You can also place lamps in corners in different angles to create beautiful light patterns on the walls.

You can get inspiration from the following pictures.