Modern Interior Design ideas for Small Spaces

When designing your house, duplex, or apartment, the limitations on the size can really be a problem. The biggest difficulty you might have in designing a small space is to manage the number of items in the room. What you should do is try not to do too many things in one space.

Moreover, do not think about the negative aspects about having a small space but think about the positive aspects. Small spaces are less wasteful and more cost effective. Small spaces require less heat, light and cleaning, a smaller space can actually be quite desirable. Small spaces give a sense of coziness, security, intimacy, charm and functionality.

Planning is the key to success when designing your small space. So when you decorate your small space, always focus on simplicity.

Choose light colors as colors can really change the look and feel of the room. The use of mirrors can also make the room look bigger.

Choose furniture that is specially meant for small spaces. Nowadays white modern furniture is very fashionable. White modern furniture is also a very good choice for small spaces and if you combine white furniture with white walls and white accessories it can give the sensation of empty space in the room.

Moreover, look for dual-purpose furniture that has storage. On the other hand, what you should avoid is having round-shaped furniture and round-shaped accessories that is because round-shaped objects take a lot of space, even if they might look good.

If you are searching for more suggestions about how best to utilize your small space, look at the images below.