Modern Kids Bedrooms by Jennifer and Joanna

With about 17 years experience in interior design and the launch of J & J Design Group, Jennifer and Joanna represent an iconic interior designing team. Jennifer and Joanna both graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design which makes them professional designers. Being a mother of her own two boys, Jennifer’s love of bringing in elements of nature, she’s capable with the help of Joanna’s creativity to make stunning modern kids bedroom designs.

Over here Jack’s nursery can be noticed with its stylish interior design. The horizontally striped wall behind the crib stands as an awesome focal point with Jack’s name fixed on it. Horizontal strips have the ability of giving the room extra dimensions and widening it visually. Introducing green in the bedding, carpet and chair throw pillow brings a relieving sense of balance to the baby and anyone who comes to visit.

The wood paneling on the accent wall of this toddler’s room gives it a sense of being a tree house. This make the kids feel that their room is worthy of adventures. The raised bed above the ground makes the room look more spacious and also more practical for storage purposes. Matching the window curtain pattern with the same pattern on a throw pillow blends the room elements elegantly. The use of colors is moderate yet energizing enough for a kids’ bedroom.

Girl’s bedrooms are usually decorated with pink color but this bedroom has taken a totally different pink theme. The stunning wall mural of the tree with protruding flower attachment is a very cheerful add that can stay with the girl as she grows up and be proud of having it all along. Uniqueness is also obvious in the light stand next to the crib with its double legs instead of the usual one. All the colors that are used in this room are inspired from nature’s best elements providing an enchanting atmosphere.

Girls appreciate it when their feminine character is expressed in their bedroom which they consider as their sacred haven. In this room, the color pink is not abused to prove the femininity of the room, however it is limited to the nightstands and the solicitude of a girl above the bed. The focal area of the room is the wall behind the majestic black headboard. The sun shaped lamps with circular mirrors adorns this focal point and lights it in an exquisite manner.

Via :  jandjdesigngroup