Modern Kitchen Remodel – DIY Project

If you ever feel like upgrading your home, wouldn’t the kitchen be the first place you’d want to remodel? If so, you should know that most of the remodeling activities can be carried out as a DIY project. To help you, here are some designing tips to think of before remodeling your kitchen;

In case you need to maximize your kitchen space, consider raising the roofs a little higher or expanding the area by pulling down some walls. Any Italian designer, and they are pioneers in that arena, would advice you to bring natural elements in the kitchen, like woodwork or stone countertops.

Getting insight online of the latest remodeling designs would help you a lot. There are endless varieties that include integrated kitchen sinks which are made of quartz; they offer a seamless incorporation of sink and countertop which has a sleek and elegant look and extremely easy to clean. Granite and quartz countertops are the new trend. Also, the minimalism in designing cabinetry has become highly in demand.

If you decided to relay the flooring, tile flooring is your best choice; it has a unique modern beautiful appearance and it prevents the mold from accumulating. Cork has also been recognized for its softness and capability of reducing noise. Therefore, pick up the flooring that will befit other items in your kitchen. Also, consider installing stainless steel appliances, since those appliances will blend perfectly with the surroundings and they are also known for their durability and luxurious bright look.

While remodeling your kitchen, try to organize the place by getting rid of all the items you rarely use, and replacing the appliances that need to be replaced. A new canister set will definitely enhance your décor and help in the organization process. Also, make a well-lit area of your kitchen by altering the lights to illuminate the work areas. Add recessed indirect lights to promote a luxurious glowing feel and if your kitchen ceiling is high, install glass pendant lighting over the cooking island. Otherwise, ceiling lights with square glass panel are better choice for low ceilings.

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