Modern living room furniture

No doubt that living room is a place that we do our best to show it in a highly elegant appearance . And when the furniture plays very important role in highlight the room’s decor , here you are some ideas which may help you during choosing your living room furniture .

Choosing living room furniture depends upon many factors ,among them are the size of the room , the wall color, the purpose of using the room , do you have children and pets or not , your taste and desire ………. etc .

Firstly the furniture must go match with wall colors in order to give harmonious appearance . Then you can choose either wood or metal type , but many people tend to have metal furniture especially for dinning table as it more fit to modern design and give newly shiny look . If you look for a comfortable seat during watching TV or spending time with your friends , you would have a budded L- shape sofa with pillows , huge armchair and small coffee table .This design is provided with many colors , either bold and bright violet , creamy and brown , white and black , and even leather fabrics . These models are presented with lush terry rugs in a same color that complete the picture .

For big living room you can divide it into many parts on condition each seat keep match with each other , i.e the color and fabrics of furniture must be close and match . While for the small living room try to not over crowded it with furniture to give it elegant specious look.

You also must choose furniture that is durable , easily cleaned , portable and contemporary .

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