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Modern NEO Living Rooms from hülsta

People can’t describe their personalities to each person they meet in order to be understood. However, the style of your living room can tell a lot about you and you defiantly want something like hülsta modern NEO living room to reflect your style of living. Hülsta’s living rooms started all in Germany in 1940 and witnessed a lot of development until the furniture distribution worldwide from its mother country.

Confusion of living rooms and their trends is not an option with hülsta living rooms. Hülsta has interior designers in all their retailer branches, which you can locate online, who are ready to hear your concerns to offer you the best hülsta living room or even customize living room furniture to fit your demand. When you purchase a living room from hülsta, you are guaranteed high quality furniture that will live with you years to come.

This hülsta NEO living room is featured with grey lacquer, high-gloss grey lacquer, and amberwood which is worth admiring in every sense. Although this set represents modern living rooms’ simplicity, it expresses a lot of chic style that breaks rigidness of cold geometric approach that other contemporary living rooms represent. Floating shelves in neutral amberwood give the onlooker a wonderful sense of lightness defying the gravity of everyday problems.

The while lacquer NEO living room takes brilliant advantage of corners with its corner units. White which is the master of colors is of great benefit in a living room as it induces feelings of tranquility to the residences of the house. Having white living room furniture also allows you to change the accessories freely and have and ever changing living room whenever you like.

The harmonious combination of cocoa lacquer, high-gloss cocoa lacquer and amberwood in this NEO living room set are out of this world! The feature of wall mounting in these living room units allow you to set them on different levels and create a breathtaking visual effect. This floating does not only benefit the room atheistically but also make it seem more spacious and comfortable.