Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

Entertaining yourself with the company of your family and guests in an open air kitchen becomes at hand. All what you need is an appropriate space in your outdoor garden and enough money to design a wonderful outdoor kitchen.

To prepare a suitable place for your outdoor kitchen, try to choose a durable land to endure the heavy loads and high temperature of your new kitchen. This place needs to fit all of your appliances in addition to a seating area for your family and guests. Then, it would be a nice decision to protect your appliances from the unexpected weather conditions by pre-treating your wooden furniture to resist fire, water- proofing your electric appliances, and preparing protected power sources for your electric and gas appliances. Now, you can choose whether you need a small and practical or large and luxurious outdoor kitchen according to your budget, space, and the number of guests you often have.

The appliances needed for preparing a healthy roasted meal in a modern outdoor kitchen change according to the size of your place. If you have a large space, you may install an expanded kitchen island with oven, microwave, side burners, pizza oven, grill, stove top, refrigerator, cook top, sink, rack, and counter style seating area. You can install a durable and heat resistant counter top made out of stainless steel, granite, or concrete. There are a lot of new modern appliances you may wish to add to your kitchen. For example, the frost-free glass refrigerator will add a luxurious and modern touch to your outdoor kitchen. In addition, the fire magic outdoor sink will give you a hygienic food without moving around from indoor to outdoor kitchens.

You can add your own designs or look for some creative designs on the internet to arrange your outdoor kitchen’s items neatly. Try to place the cookery in the center of the stove, sink, and refrigerator to achieve quicker cooking with less effort. You can opt for the pavilion style room with open walls to avoid the heat of sun, but try to choose appropriate lighting during your dinner parties to add the final touch to these beautiful nights.