Interior Design 4

Modern Patchworks to Enhance the Look of your home

The patchworks are found since the sixteenth century; however, this kind of artwork is still used in the modern trend and considered stylish. You can find patchwork furniture pieces or furnishings that will give your home a unique and inviting look.

The patchwork fabrics can be a needlework or mechanized work using different colors and materials with or without a symmetrical pattern to be an attention grapping piece. Such a piece is incredibly versatile, unique, and inexpensive. It can add vibrant colors and textures to the place so that you can change the décor and color of the room several times according to the colors of your fabrics. You can even choose a patchwork couch or chaise lounge with a white or black background in your modern living room.

You can use different patchwork fabrics in almost every room in your home. The patchwork pillows can add a matching or contrast look if they are placed on the couch of your living room or the bed in your bedroom or kids’ bedroom. The patchwork quilt with matching pillows and a wrought iron bed will turn your boring bedroom into a worm and interesting one. You can even decorate your home with patchwork fabrics to give the place a homey feel. For example,the framed piece of patchwork will be a great way to create unity in your home.

The wooden patchwork furniture will give your home a unique and warm look. Such furniture can be made of the recycled wood that is not screwed or bolted to look natural and eco-friendly. You can even enhance the look of your kid’s room creating a desk with patchwork finish to be able to change the look of the room regularly and to let him be creative in choosing his belongings.

Pics Via : furniture4world