Modern Style Interior Design

Modern style interior design is characterized by its clutter-free and straight lines designs. The furniture is plain and it is often in dark wood tones or black as the darker colors give rooms a sophisticated and classy air. The motto of Modern style interior design is less is better.

However, you should note that the modern room tends to be less cozy than other designs, so children might not feel as comfortable. In that case, you can either design your home before you have children or after leave the house. Or you can have an off-limits room, away from younger children to be your be your modern getaway.

In modern style interior design the colors use are stark colors, such as blacks, whites, red, greens and neutrals. These colors give an interesting and classic backdrop to the special items that accessorize the room and emphasize the straight lines of the furniture. Brown and pastels are also among colors used in contemporary designs. These colors bring in warmth to the room. You can add a splash of color to your white or neutral walls with a vibrant painting, or a brightly-colored chair of sofa to draw the eye.

In modern style interior design, the furniture is minimal and has clean lines and shapes as the space should look uncluttered and roomy and it might be of bold colors. Cotton, linen, wool or silk, jute textures are among fabrics that work well in the contemporary designs. In the bedroom use a platform bed as the focal point of your bedroom design; dressers, bureaus and other furniture should have clean lines and sharp angles. The living room should be clean, open and uncluttered.

In modern style interior design, you can see geometric shapes, bold color blocks, high ceilings and bare windows. Moreover, you stone, metal, and opaque glass are incorporated into the decor. An artwork or a sculpture can be used as the focal point of the room. Your appliances and utilities should harmonize in color and shape with your contemporary style interior design.

Floors are often made of wood or tile, although rugs are often used to add both warmth and color to a room.

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