Modern Victorian Interior Design

Victorian Interior Design is a timeless style. People to this day still choose to design their home in Victorian interior design. Victorian Interior Design remained true to times past. This style is sophisticated and luxurious but at the same time brings a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Two words can describe this style, beauty and abundance. Each room in most Victorian homes had a particular purpose. Some rooms were considered public and some were private and each was decorated accordingly.

For the color, you can use large printed or patterned wallpapers depicting elements of nature or floral or scroll patterns; Red, green and blue were the main colors.

Victorian furniture consisted of large pieces made of dark woods such as mahogany, walnut, rosewood and teak as well as oak. Chairs were usually covered in fabric that matches the wallpaper using fabrics such as damask, silk or thin leather.

The windows were decorated by fabrics such as voile materials with heavier fabrics such as damask, velvet and brocade, or light cottons, chintz and muslins use with heavily embroidered fabric.

Hardwood flooring, in medium or dark color, coupled with large Persian rugs, was common during the Victorian era. However, if you cannot afford a hardwood floor, you instead use good quality laminate flooring and select a wide board in a dark stain.

Victorian lighting, chandelier and lamps were elegant and stylish. The purpose is to give a warm atmosphere and bring out to the vibrant colors on the walls.

Accessories are very important in Victorian interior design. You can use ornaments such as golden gilded mirrors, oil paintings of Victorian scenes, gold and silver candelabras, wooden wall and grandfather clocks, plush pillows with vibrant material colors on seats and armchairs ginger jars, oriental vases, and china dishes and plates.

The following breathtaking pictures illustrate clearly how you can benefit from this arrangement of decor.