Modern-But-Victorian, Learn How to Make That Equation in 5 Steps

What comes to mind when hearing the term “Victorian Style” is heavily carved furniture, a lot of silk and velvet, heavy crystal chandeliers and lavish tapestries here and there. It is a decor style that looks gorgeous but has been avoided for a time because people cannot afford to get it. However genius modern designers have proved that you could remodel your room in Modern Victorian design. Let us read how they did it.

1- Modern Victorian design is more recognized by shapes than colors. Anyway, What you find in common in all modern Victorian rooms is light and soft colors (which is not the case with the Victorian decor that is full of reds, blacks and browns). Modern style neutral pallet (creams, whites, greys) will work fine here.

2- Inspired by the original design, your walls should have some patterns on them, and that means Magestic, Damask or Damasco design wallpapers. Light-colored pallet here is also preferred. Install some crown moldings for a more gorgeous Victorian touch if you can afford it.

3- The most important part of the Modern Victorian design equation here is the furniture. You will still be choosing Victorian furniture, but you need to bring things down a little. Choose something with softer lines. You could also mix things up a little bit. For example, choose a Victorian style couch then choose modern chairs that have slightly similar lines and similar colors.

4- Regarding the window treatment, avoid heavy fabrics like velvet (it will ruin the modern touch and it is hard to maintain). Also, avoid blinds and shutters. Stick with plain curtains made of silk and cotton and avoid fringe and tassels decorations.

5- Ornaments and decorations used in modern Victorian style have a romantic touch. Decorate with beautiful cushions, gilt mirrors, crystal sconces and chandeliers.
Modern Victorian decor is stunning and women who decorate with it reflect elegant taste and romantic spirit.

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