The 5 Most Magnificent Decor Trends for This Year

With the earliest days of this year, interior designers have been thinking of the most creative ideas possible to add a flare to your house look. Decor trends have started and spread, stamping every place with every possible remodeling idea, showing people what beauty is like in designers’ eyes. The most magnificent décor trends for this year are:

1- The glamorous orchid world is one of the most gorgeous trends of this year. Many, most of which are women, have always favoured the magnificent combination of pink, purple, mauve and violet. It is not hard to understand why since this color inspires romance, beauty and luxury. Any place in your house will be gorgeous with this combination.

2- Copper tints are another gorgeous wildly spreading trend. This gorgeous tint can be implemented everywhere: bathroom tiles and faucets, kitchen faucets, sink and utensils, and even the metal parts of your living room furniture. It is a color loved and sought by everyone.

3- Using wood is a must for almost every piece of furniture. What is new about this trend is that it uses petrified wood. Petrified wood can be used in many decor styles, both old and new. It will look gorgeous in rustique decor but it will look amazing in modern Rawtation style rooms as well.

4- Black and white Stripe patterns are the sort that catches everyone’s eyes right away. It is a reoccurring trend that has won people’s love for a long time. You can use it in small touches like an area rug or a gorgeous sofa, and you can also use it excessively from the floor to the ceiling. It is a fun and beautiful trend you must try.

5- Cultural mix is another fun and chic trend. Decorate your space with art and pieces inspired by different global cultures. Those who love Bohemian decor will especially like this trend. This trend is a great way of showing your appreciation of how different cultures blend easily.

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