The 5 Most Popular Bedroom Themes

Are you bored with how your bedroom looks? Then why don’t you change its theme? Changing your bedroom theme from time to time will improve your mood and will let you sleep better. You have to learn enough information about the theme you are going to use. Here we list the most popular bedroom themes used to decorate bedrooms.

1- Asian themed bedroom are one of the most popular bedroom designs. This theme enhances peace and tranquility. Use traditional Japanese plants for decoration like bonsais and bamboo. The colors are also taken from nature. Green, white, blue and black are used to create the perfect look for a Japanese theme.

2- Fake furs and animal prints have been popular for a long time and they will still be popular for ages ahead. To present this theme use stripes and leopard or tiger print. You can also blend in elements from other themes like tropical and safari themes. Do not forget the fake (or real if you can afford them) animal furs laid on the floor.

3- Floral theme is one of the most favorite themes for women of all ages. You can present this theme by using flowery colors (red, violet, pink, rose etc), and by using floral prints (small simple prints or big elaborate prints) and flowers for decoration.

4- Tropical island theme is also a theme favoured by many people. It is a fun relaxing theme. To display this theme, use the colors of the sky, sea, sand and sunset to make a tropical ambiance. Paint the wall in these colors or paint sunset on the sea. Use sheets with palm leaf prints or sand and seashells prints to represent this theme as well.

5- Victorian theme is loved by many people, especially if they are following traditional design. This theme uses elaborate decoration and carving with silks and velvets for fabrics. You will find a lot of floral patterns and extravagant decorations here as well.

There are so many themes you could choose from to decorate your bedroom. I am sure that with some creativity anything you love can be made into bedroom theme.