6 Most Popular Types of Lighting and Where to Use Them

Lighting is a significant part of our houses’ design. You need light to do everything. However, Different spaces and different rooms need different lighting. Since lighting is as important to décor as furniture or wall paint, one needs to consider carefully what type of lighting to choose for each part of the house. Here you will learn about a few popular types of lighting and their uses.

1- Fluorescent lighting is the best type of lighting for kitchens, utility rooms and laundry rooms. Such rooms involve using tools and appliances that could be dangerous. Therefore, we need to be able to see what we do very well, or we could be exposed to harmful accidents.

2- Well, it is granted that we all need to sleep in the dark, but most of us need some lighting even while sleeping in a dark room. Some people need soft lighting in bedrooms for when they wake up to get some medicine from the nightstand, or for when they hurry over to check on a crying infant but do not want to trip on the way. All of these cases require that we get some sort of soft lighting in the bedroom.

3- A study area or home offices needs the type of lighting that provides you with clear vision but does not tire your eyes. Overhead lamps and table lamps provide you with such light.

4- Directional lighting is another type of lighting that can be used for highlighting certain areas or objects. Halogen and opaque shade bulbs are good examples of directional lighting. Twist them to highlight a family picture, your favorite art piece or your trophy corner.

5- Wall sconces are a stylish and tasteful way of providing hallways with light. No matter what design you choose, they will make a huge difference with a little cost.

The designs and types of lighting are varied. Choose a good design that matches your house décor and suits your needs.

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