The 5 Most Prominent Colors Used for Decoration and Their Effects

Have you ever wondered why you feel comfortable in certain rooms and tense in others? Even thou they have similar decoration? Have you ever thought about what people mean when they say that a certain room is giving them a bad or an uncomfortable “vibe”? Well, this all happens when choosing a wrong color for your rooms. As there are varied colors, there are also a variety of emotions and feelings invoked by these colors. Here we will discuss the most prominent colors used for decoration and their effect.

1-Brown is a color many people use. It invokes a feeling of systematization and convention. Since it is made of mixing red, yellow and blue the tone of each of them and its intensity can completely change the effect of the color. However, some people seem to think that brown is a suppressive color for creativity and inspiration. The choice is yours.

2- Red is a color preferred by many teens and young adults. It is not hard to guess why since they like it because it inspires a feeling of vigor, energy and action. The problem is that too much red tires vision and invokes a feeling of anger or uneasiness.

3- Green is the color of life and growth. It inspires vitality, growth, fertility and being healthy. It also inspires a feeling of peace and relaxation. All of these emotions are especially needed in bedrooms.

4- Yellow is a bright and vivid color. It symbolizes a “top-of-the-world” feeling. It inspires a feeling of happiness, energy and wisdom. It does not usually invoke a negative feeling making it great for a living room or a study area.

5- Blue is another great color for bedrooms. It symbolizes peace, calm, relaxation and coolness. It is a great color to have in bedrooms and bathrooms. Need to relax? Then there is not anything better than blue. Think carefully about the colors you want for your room. It is not just matching shapes and colors. This is a place where you will spend a lot of time in, so you need the right colors to make you comfortable about it.

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