The 8 Must-Avoid Painting Mistakes

One of the greatest and simplest ways of renewing a room is giving its walls or furniture a fresh coat of paint. It is a simple DIY project everyone can do. However, painting mistakes could destroy everything, the old look, the new look and even the furniture. Learning about painting mistakes will save your time and money.

1- Neglecting tape is a serious painting mistake. You do not have some laser-eye accuracy so that you make sure the paint does not go where you do not want it to. Therefore, use tape.

2- Neglecting priming is another deadly painting mistake. Applying primer means that the color you see is the color you have chosen and it will stay so for a long time, and that the painted surfaces are smooth and flawless.

3- Rushed paintjob is another must avoid mistake when it comes to painting. The saying “act in haste, repent at leisure” applies here. Slow and light strokes are better than fast ones. Waiting for a coat to dry is better than having uneven spaces different in color.

4- Neglecting instructions will waste paint and time. When the instructions say paint with a roller then paint with a roller, do not use a brush. When they say use painter’s tape do not say I have other type of tape and it will have to do.

5- Painting before cleaning is a big mistake. Dirt and stains will change the color of the paint and the coat might be uneven.

6- Painting with water-based paint when it is hot and humid is a mistake as well. Use a fan or a dehumidifier an hour before painting in the room where you are doing the painting.

7- Neglecting the needed paint quantities is another mistake. Get a gallon of paint for every 400 square feet that needs painting.

8- Painting without protecting your floors is not good either. You will not like the splattered-paint look on your floor and you can save yourself the trouble of cleaning and scrubbing it if you just cover the floor under the furniture you are painting with a plastic cover or some old newspapers.