Natural Exterior Siding Options to Blend with Your Outdoor Garden by Jason Olbres

The exterior siding is the first and most effective defense in the face of weather factors and the sign of your home’s function and aesthetic look. Such siding materials, patterns, and colors should reflect your interior design and your personality blending with the neighbors and the outdoor views at the same time.

Your home exterior siding can be made of aluminum, fiber cement, or vinyl, but the natural materials like wood can blend perfectly with your outdoor garden or natural views. Such wood siding can create a cottage, Cape Cod, and bungalow style home with their rich and functional look.

You can change the color of such wooden siding using a suitable stain, paint, or chalkboard color along with shakes and shingle patterns. The brick siding will enhance the same cottage and warm look, but you need to install a membrane between the wood frame structure of your home and brick veneers to avoid the water damage.

To create a timeless classic look in your home, the exterior siding can be light maple, sterling grey, sable brown, natural clay, or pacific blue cedar with your favorite pattern. The vinyl siding is another creative siding option that will certainly blend with your natural surrounding or civilized area. Such vinyl siding option is available with vertical panels, horizontal panels, scallops, beaded panels, shakes, traditional lap, Dutch lap, and half-round patterns to let you provide your home a certain style and mood.

Most of such siding options are available with different hues beginning rom the neutrals, naturals, pastels to the rich colors. For example, the fiber cement can take the color and texture of wood and stucco and keep its moisture resistant features. The limestone and granite siding will blend easily with the natural surrounding with their unique patterns and visual interesting look.