6 Neat Tricks for Making Your Place Look Bigger

People live in small places for a variety of reasons. It might be that they can only afford to live in such places. Or that their place is closer to their work, school, mall etc. Or that they like the cozy feeling of a small place. No matter what the reasons are, small places do not have to look narrow or confined. Here are some neat tricks for making your place look much bigger.

1- Fight the temptation of placing your furniture against the walls. I do not know if that is something in human nature because most people do it instinctively. Try to place furniture in the center of the room and you will feel that your room is much bigger.

2- If you have shelves (and you must do since you are living in a small place and need storage for many things) place them closer to the ceiling. This will draw attention towards the ceiling making people feel you have a higher ceiling.

3- Use vertical striped patterns for your floorings, (Like tiles in a vertical striped pattern for your kitchen). Vertical Striped patterns make surfaces seem longer.

4- Paint the ceilings to draw attention to them. Painted ceilings make you look towards them, and that means creating an illusion of a higher ceiling.

5- Avoid small pieces of art decorations. Besides the fact that viewers will not make them out until they are close to them, small decorations make your place look cluttered. Choose something bigger-than or as big as a cantaloupe for an art piece.

6- Categorize the colors of the things arranged on a shelf. If you have a bookshelf, then place each set of books of the same color in a place. Do not put different books of different colors together. This creates visual clutter making your place look smaller.

If people are to understand the effect of colors and shapes and other visual elements, decorating a small place will be much easier.

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