Non-traditional Home Design Ideas Inspired from Designs Dell’Ario Interiors

Before you design a new home, you should make sure that it meets your city codes and reflects your personality. If you have a sense of adventure or love to nature, you can design outdoor rooms or use non-traditional materials or designs like the works of Win Dell’Ario.

In an outdoor space, Win Dell’Ario and her team use a combination of wood and concrete glazed with warm colors in addition to recessed light and wall scones to create a kitchen, a dining space, and a living space.

In the dining space, the designers create an interesting and harmonized look with a fireplace table, handmade designs, and hardwood floor. You can use such an outdoor space along the year because of the warm wooden ceiling and homey fabrics of the seating area.

You can use non-traditional materials and colors to attract your visitors’ attention and refresh the look of the place. In a Napa home, Win Dell’Ario and her team create such a non-traditional touch installing a green square chunky glass sink above a vanity with glass panels and waterfall showerhead in the bathroom. In the foothills of Woodside, Win Dell’Ario and her team provide the place a touch of the outdoor look using cherry wood furniture, fire granite countertops, marble mosaic tile backsplashes, and a biomorphic hood in the kitchen.

It will be a great idea to provide your kitchen a non-traditional look using a touch of fun like the kitchen with illuminated crayons and cats above the refrigerator designed by Win Dell’Ario. If you need to create a non-traditional combination of warm and cool feel in your bathroom, you can install Carmel bamboo cabinets with white porcelain sinks and charcoal grey countertop in addition to dark mosaic floor tiles like the Napa home. If you are a bright colors lover, the orange or blue and white bathroom with a dark floor will be an ideal option.