Interior Design 4

Office reception interior design – reception area

The office reception is the area where your visitors enter when they come to your company. The design of your office reception shall be the most critical area that makes the first and last impression of your business before your clients and visitors. So it should be carefully designed to look professional, stylish and functional.

In spite of the importance of the first impact of your office reception design, we realize that most reception areas are the most abused and underutilized areas within the company. But with the help of our experienced reception designers and builders we can help resolve all of the reception design issues. We starts our reception design service with an initial FREE consultation meeting where we visit your company, listen to your concerns and make recommendations for your office reception design.

After we have a comprehensive office reception design brief and budget and we have recorded important measurement and points we work on producing an interior design visual. We try to get back with design proposal within three weeks of the first meeting.

We have built many years of experience in all areas of commercial interior refurbishment. Also our team of interior designers has many years of experience of diverse clients including schools, local authorities and blue chip companies. We have our reputation for build quality and creative interior design.

You need to make sure that your office reception area is able to convey the right message. Here you are some small but very important tips for your office reception:

Paint a picture in your mind on how you would like your offer reception to look.

A right color theme can bring about a tremendous difference in your office reception.

Choose an innovative, eye catching design for your desk. Also the desk should be facing the entrance for a welcoming look.