Open Kitchen to Living Room Designs

The open kitchen is a modern design for large families and those who are used to entertain their families and friends while eating. Such design will give your kitchen a spacious look and enable you to move freely from your kitchen to your living room. To achieve this elegant design, keep reading and try to adjust the following designs to fit your home’s designation.

Your open kitchen’s unity will be achieved if you could have cohesive cabinet, appliances, and island along with the same curtains in all windows. You can add fire colored backsplash or glass tiles and stainless steel tapes and cabinet handles to give a bright, shining, and spacious feeling to the place. Try to stick to the simple design to find free space as possible as you can. This would be achieved by using the under countertop refrigerator, dishwasher, and freezer.

You will need to arrange your colorful appliances correctly. For example, the stove should be away from the refrigerator and the dining area, and the refrigerator needs to be along the facing wall. It would be better if you could customize your refrigerator to be like the cabinet.

The partition between your kitchen and living room could be determined according to the available space and furniture. It may be a breakfast bar worktop, dining island, or bar space with different patterns and textures of tiles. To create a functional partition, you may install built-in shelves that can hide the cooker hood pipe. You can mount Your TV plasma panel on your partition. The plaster-board or glass bricks will serve as spacious partitions.

You can place the back of your coach towards the kitchen with the TV on the opposite side to watch your favorite shows and watch your children while cooking. The partition can be simply the change in flooring from tiles to rug or the difference in the textures of your rugs. Your kitchen will need a natural rug and the living room may have one made of chenille. To complete your open kitchen design you will need an island counter with waterproof ceiling and high quality cooker hook.

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