Optimal Space and Layout Planning for the Kitchen

Kitchens are usually the centerpieces of billions of homes, where family members and friends come together and socialize while cooking a meal or drinking coffee. Thus, when you think of designing or renovating your kitchen, try pursuing both, beauty and functionality, without compromising either. In this article you’ll find tips on creating one of the neatest and most splendid kitchens by following a few simple rules that should never be overlooked.

When you think of kitchen islands, you instantly think of extra countertops and storage spaces. However, unless your kitchen is a minimum of 12 feet long and 8 feet wide, the island would probably create a serious irritating obstacle. Conversely, it could be unbelievably handy and beautiful in a spacious kitchen. If you have that option and the allotted budget, go unhesitatingly for an offbeat kitchen island topped with a seamless granite or marble counter.

Install as many storage spaces as you can. Wide cabinets above your sink and near your oven are a must. Also, if you struggle with space limitation, seek out extra long upper cabinets to utilize the air space and provide an extra floor space. Using cabinets above the fridge would also be brilliant as they provide sufficient space for larger items. Blind corners are usually wasted as well, so try providing them with proper storage devices such as kitchen caddies.

Adequate lighting wouldn’t just add brightness to the atmosphere; it’s also of utmost importance when it comes to safety, since kitchenware is mostly serrated and sharp. Distribute pendant or recessed lightings above the main work areas and try making maximum use of natural light. Kitchen windows are also essential in the ventilation process, along with range hoods and other ventilation devices; as they circulate dirty air and reduce odors and excess heat during cooking.

When planning the layout, manage to place the sink, fridge, and the oven in a triangle shape within nearly 26 feet such that the access to each would be faster and the food preparation task would duly be much easier. You can vividly beautify your kitchen atmosphere simply by using themed window curtains and tablecloth, or with some fresh indoor plants, or even by matching your theme and color scheme with kitchen appliances and crockery.

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