Organise an Oriental/ Asian bedroom – Japanese and Chinese looks!!

Organise an Oriental/ Asian bedroom: your guide to most the most known Japanese and Chinese looks!! Our search for uniqueness is endless and so are the available alternatives that we can pick from. If you feel like you have tried it all or simply nothing of these alternatives is good enough for you yet, then it might be just about time to dig deeper. Since your bedroom is is the most important and dear room to you in the entire house, then you can not get tired of it and consequently a deep renovation bell is ringing. To start off you will need a theme to follow; picking the theme is very important as it gives you an idea about how the whole thing is going to be put together. So what could it be?

In order to shake things away from the norm, let’s go oriental! Oriental decorations are becoming trendy for their classic designs which are being adjusted with modern touches. Oriental designing is known for the love of involving excessive ornamental details, however, it depends on which part of the orient you are deriving your design from. In this particular case, we are recommending that you, dear reader, try the far eastern Asian taste of decoration in your bedroom. Not only will it provide you elegance but it will also make you feel cosy and at home and, of course, there is no better place to feel at home than your own bedroom. China and Japan have developed interesting oriental designs over the years so whether it is classic or modern you want, you will find yourself in one of their designs.

In matters of furniture, for instance, it is natural to choose among a wide variety of small pieces carved out of dark wood. Dark wood has been used in both cultures the Japanese and the chinese in their designs. Also you will find that Asian bedrooms tend to have a lot of hand carved pieces, drawings and abstract symbols which are also hand painted and rich in colors. Chinese bedroom furniture is known for its lacquer finish and their Japanese alternatives are known for old thematic pieces. Typical colors for an Asian bedroom wall paint will be red, orange, brown and sage green. It is rather interesting so pick your preference!

Pics Via : metasmetalizadas