Oriental Bedroom Interior Design

Modern minimalist interior design is becoming too mainstream. Modern style is fine for confined spaces as it is designed to make use of little space. However, when it comes to a bedroom, modern design can appear a little dull and cold. An excellent alternative is oriental bedroom interior design which features an enchanting combination of colors and details capable of enriching your dreams.

The best thing about oriental bedroom interior design is that you have a cornucopia of options to choose from because the style can be inspired from several Asian and Middle Eastern countries. As with other bedroom designs, you need to start your oriental interior design by choosing a focal point. The best place for focus would be the bed where you can place above it an oriental painting and use the bedside tables to place a couple matching antiques for symmetry.

The material chosen for oriental bedroom furniture is usually made of dark wood that is finished in lacquer. The cabinets, bed and dresser can all have a matching motif such as the use of Islamic art of overlapping squares. If there are too much details on the bed, use plain bed sheets and pillow cases. Otherwise, use bedding with beautiful oriental embroidery to complete the oriental bedroom design. Lighting is an important factor to consider in all bedrooms. Install light switches that allow you to control the amount of light needed in the room.

Oriental interior design is known for incorporating handcrafted items. You can place an ornate rug in front of the bed to add warmth to the bedroom. Moreover, choosing drapery in rich colors will accentuate the bedroom interior design and serve the privacy purpose of curtains. Affluence of details and accessories are favorable in oriental interior design, but do not clutter the bedroom space with items that don’t match.

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