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Outdoor Furniture – High Durability – Teak Wood

Purchasing a piece of furniture could be tricky, especially if it is meant to act as an outdoor furniture. Some companies do not really care about the quality of the product they provide, as long as it wears out and you have to purchase a new one they are good. The thing is, when it comes to purchasing outdoor furniture durability really matters as we want our furniture to withstand the weather conditions and to last as long as it possibly can. Aesthetic values and outer finishes also matter, as they are the reason we purchased these items in the first place.

Rattan is the most popular material for outdoor furniture and has been so for a long time for good reasons. Rattan has high durability when it comes to weather conditions and it is not at all a fuss to clean. It can be cleaned once every month by a piece of cloth and a washing detergent diluted in warm water, you just wipe it out without soaking the wood. It can be cleaned thoroughly once a year to clean any stains using the same way and with a used toothbrush to preserve the wood from any building up dirt. If it happened that a wood split took place a boiled linseed oil can bring back moisture into the material.

Teak wood is the other popular material for outdoor furniture and is always available in a variety of shapes, sizes and sets. You can have it as an outdoors cosy chaise lounge for a relaxing atmosphere in a patio or by the pool. It comes also as a romantic love seat or simply separate chairs. Teak wood is strong by nature with a high durability and easy maintenance. It can be maintained using a sandpaper and lacquer and you are ready to go.

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