Outstanding 70s Living Room design ideas

Are you one of the ’70s admirers? If so, then you need to read this article carefully in order to be able to transform your living room to look like something out of the 1970s? First of all, use your memory and remember the role of prints and intricate patterns of that time.

It is not hard task to add wild animal prints and bold flower patterns on smaller items, such as cushions, curtains and foot-stalls. To evoke the atmosphere of the ’70s, opt for furniture that is heavily decorated in paisley, plaids and stripes.

You can also use printed fabrics as pieces of artwork and to enhance the 70s style, try to get the wing chair. Mock-wood wall paneling and patterned wallpaper were remarkable signs of that time. You can also use a fabulous shag-pile rug as a focal point of the room as this will help to create the 70s ambiance.

Do you know that the beginning of the trend for chrome and metallic furnishings was in the ‘70s? So try to add a chrome-legged coffee table with a glass top on that shag-pile rug. Ignite your creativity and opt for accessories that express the 70s such as lava lamps, pop art, bean bag chairs, and tie-dyed fabrics.

For additional comfort, use a shag rug in your bedroom and place it right by the bed so that the first thing you feel when your feet hit the floor is its rich, cozy texture. No one can ignore the advantages of using sofa bean bag chairs in living rooms. Leather fabrics, wooden closets and chest and drawers were in common use in the 70s.

Finally, using a coffee table or a wooden dining table in your home will bring in the vintage charm. In case you liked reading this article, you will surely adore taking a look at the following photos about outstanding 70s living room design ideas.

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