Outstanding Ideas to Incorporate Dark and Bold Colors in Your Home Décor with Duet Design Group

When you intend to provide your home a deep and sophisticated look, the dark or bold colors will be certainly your best choice. Yet, you should use a right amount of such colors in the right spots to avoid creating a depressing look in the place. Here are a few ideas inspired from the projects of Devon Tobin and Duet Design team to help you use such colors creatively.

In your large traditional home, you can paint an accent wall black with white trim molding and window frames in addition to colorful furniture and accessories to provide the place a timeless and sophisticated look.

You can use patterned wallpaper with light and rich colors, black bookcase frames, dark fabrics, or bold colored accessories or chandeliers to provide your home a touch of elegance and sophistication.

If you have a small spaced room or need to create a fresh, yet sophisticated look, you can paint the walls light colors and use one or more bold colored furniture. Devon Tobin and her friends in Duet Design team use a dark blue sideboard with light blue dining chairs in a cream traditional Lafayette home with large windows to keep the airy look of the place providing it a deep touch.

The mirrors with powerful light and dark colored walls will enhance the deep and dramatic look of the place. Instead, you can use large windows to fill the place with natural light and provide you an ideal view to the outdoor green and colorful plants in addition to light colored accessories or furniture pieces inside the home. In all cases, try to express your personality and use what will provide you ultimate comfort in your home.