Paint your Ceiling with Smarts – Accent Wall

Paint your ceiling with smarts: know more about the tricks you can apply on high and low ceilings. The ceiling is an important and vital complementary piece of any decoration puzzle. Most of the time you do not care much about the ceiling and it is probably painted in dull white. I can not blame, really I can not as all my family and friends have it the same way you do. However, it was not until you moved in to a new appartement that you started thinking about the ceiling but why? It is a slightly different ceiling, things get complicated if the new ceiling is very high or very low to the extent that you actually start thinking about the one thing that you never thought could make a problem.

Dear reader, you do not have to meditate about it a lot as the solution is already here for you. If your ceiling is higher than average then try apply brick red to it. Not only it will give you the cosiness and warmth you think you have lost due to the new height but it will also you the opportunity to try new colors and combinations you never thought possible. The reason it is becoming trendy right now is the glow red brings to any decoration and this very glow is behind the fact the this particular color never got out of the competition.

But what if the ceiling is now too low? No problem, there are a couple of tricks that will save the day. The first thing we have to agree on is that dark colors will not work with low ceilings as it will take from their height and this will make them appear even closer. One good trick is making an accent wall with vertical stripes, this works here in the same manner as in clothes. It makes your wall appear longer and your ceiling appear higher. Another lovely trick is making one accent wall and match it with the ceiling, this will make them appear like an extension to each other and will do a lovely trick to the eyes. Avoid doing this to more than one wall lest it should look like a box.