Patio Lights, Eco-Friendly, and Fabric Lamp Shades

It’s known that patio light is an important thing in your outdoor space, so you should know its types to be able to choose which one suits you.

Types of patio lights:

Scoop lights: This is also called mushroom light or domed light. It is used to illuminate the ground such as along pathways and walkways. You can install it yourself. This light doesn’t glow in your eyes and make it harder for you to see the ground. They look quite effective when turned on, and will give your front yard some definition.

Wall sconces: Wall sconces are another type of patio light. They are like your indoor sconces. You need an electrician to install it.

How can you save the Earth??

You can make that by increasing the green color in your garden landscape with solar garden lights by working on some keys. Add solar birds and dogs to your garden landscape. Spread tiny plants such as solar mushroom around the garden Placing a nice sculpture with images of angels or children can make your garden more romantic. Create a nice water feature with solar powered water pump. Place garden gnomes to make to make your garden more enchanted.

Kinds of fabric lamp shades:

Now that you know how to add a pleasant atmosphere to your garden/patio, it is time to consider indoor lighting. Indoor lighting options are various and each one of them has a different shape and a different usage. You can choose from classic pleated soft cream lamp shade, silk lamps, quilt lamp shades, bedding shades and octagonal fabric lamps.

Domestic and commercial lamps and bulbs:

There are many types of lamps, some of them are used in domestic applications like main voltage halogen lamps, low pressure sodium (SOX), colored bulbs, display lamps, and posh lamps and bulbs. Others are used in commercial applications like low voltage halogen lamps, mercury (MBF), compact fluorescent lamps, and discharge bulbs. There are two types which are used in domestic and commercial applications together like fluorescent bulbs and GLS lamps.

Pics Via : igreenspot

Pics Via : igreenspot