Perfect area rug and how to protect it

It doesn’t matter you add rugs to your living room, bedroom, foyer, patio or kitchen. Rugs add character to any space. There are some considerations before going to buy new rugs:

At first, before you buy new rugs, you should determine you want a rug which you can change every couple of years or one lasts long time. Secondly, you should choose rugs which blend with your room scheme.

If you want to bring a rug for your living room, then you should opt for one which is round in shape in order to give your living room a wonderful look. Likewise, you can create a unique focal point in your living room by placing a rug right in the middle of your living room.

If your room has a lot of decoration pieces and wall hangings, then you should go for a plain area rug, cause if you put an intricately patterned one in the room, it will make your room look cluttered. Keep in mind that if your rugs are nearby doors, then you have to leave some space between the edges of the rug and doors in order to facilitate opening and closing doors.

You should check up your rugs every few months by rotating the rugs in order to ensure that if there is any wear and tear. If your room is not big enough, then you should opt for rugs with small patterns as this kind of rugs will make your room seem larger.

If you have a large room or the furniture in the room that is made of dark wood, then you have to opt for darker rugs. To attract the attention of any guest that comes to your house, then you should place a small area rug underneath a decorative lamp or an accent table that you have. If you want your rugs to last years and years, then avoid placing them at such places which receive direct sunlight.

If you are searching for more suggestions about how to choose the perfect area rug and how to protect it, look at the images below.

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