Perfect Contemporary Bathroom ideas

Bright, Clean and Relaxing,A hot shower in an elegant bathroom can be more than enough to relieve the stress after a hectic day. That may explain why a perfect bathroom is on the wish list of many people. If you have the same wish, and you need to design a contemporary relaxing bathroom, then have a look at these inspiring ideas.

Tile Design:

You can easily be amazed by the wide variety of ceramic or porcelain tile designs. Large tiles are wonderful. Using the same tiles for walls and floor really enhances a unified and lofty look. You may also consider a light reflective flooring to give that sense of purity and cleanliness as well as create illusion of space. If you want that glamorous look, tiles with texture are also perfect.


When it comes to color in contemporary bathrooms, you have many options. Colorful tiles are one option. Another option is selecting bright colors, for instance, blue. To be sure, most shades of blue are elegant in bathroom tiles. Otherwise, you may prefer dark or warm colors. You may also want to introduce a tile pattern. As for the sanitary wares and the bath, simply white complements any other color.


When buying the shower, opt for practicality and durability especially if you have a big family. The shower should be easy to clean and maintain. Acrylic is a good material. Though marble is timeless and classy, marble showers are too heavy for the floor and expensive. If you are really into marble, you may successfully employ marble in countertops, but not in the shower. Besides, ensure that all the family members can use the shower without lowering the head. In order to pamper yourself and your family, invest in a high quality rainfall shower.

Lighting and accessories:

Lighting and accessories beautify the contemporary bathroom. To have that touch of hotels, install an enormous mirror. Then, focus light at the top of the mirror. Get also some wall sconces and pendant lights for general light. Anyway, make sure you have flexibility to dim the lighting whenever you need a relaxing ambiance.

Hopefully, these ideas help you while designing your bathroom. The contemporary bathroom, most importantly, should appear bright and clean. Selecting the right tiles, colors, shower, accessories and lighting are keys.

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