The perfect fabric for your outdoor furniture

Many furniture pieces in our homes require coverage fabrics like outdoor umbrellas and tables. These fabrics have to meet certain points to be qualified to protect us outdoors. These conditions have to do with durability against water, rain, sun and fading. As we aim not only to impress you but also benefit you we will give you all the optional fabrics you can have to protect your outdoor furniture and give you the ultimate experience your are looking for. Accordingly, we have put the fabrics in two main categories to make it easy for you to pick a winner.

The first category includes sunbrella fabrics and colaroo fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics are considered the best fabrics out there. They are manufactured by Jean Raven Mills the leader in this business for forty five years now. They are ultra violet resistant and give 98% protection from the rays and they are water resistant too and have a 5 year warranty against fading. Colaroo fabrics have 90% protection from ultra violet rays and a 5 year warranty against UV damage. They are strongly colored and are easy to clean.

The second category includes suncrylic fabrics, olefin fabrics and polyester fabrics. Suncrylic fabrics are lighter than sunbrella and have a one year warranty against fading. They are not as strong as sunbrella when it comes to water and fading resistance. Olefin fabrics are water and stain resistance, provide UV protection and have high durability. Texsilk which is one brand of olefin is compatible for outdoor umbrellas and they are easy to clean. Polyester is not really a good choice for outdoor furniture but if you would rather have for it is indeed cheaper, try having the 600 threads or more type of fabric.