Perfect Lighting Tips for Homes Decoration

Lighting is such an essential element in homes decoration. Do you know that the wrong lighting could destroy your entire decoration? I know it’s scary. Don’t worry you are always safe with us, I will tell you about the best lighting option to each room. Starting with your home doorsteps, you can put two electric sconces at the both sides your home’s door and at the garage too. Electric sconces come with many shapes and sizes to choose between.

Let’s get inside; your home entrance gives your visitor the first impression, so make sure to leave a good one. Use welcoming and soft lightings at the entrance for example you can put hanging pendant, lanterns or chandeliers. When it comes to living room, you need to consider some points like, the TV position, the furniture. When you choose the living room’s lighting make sure to use easy and functional lighting. The best lighting options are floor lamps, table lamps and recessed lighting for the calling.

It’s time for dinner, for sure when you eat you want to feel calm and relax. The best lighting options for your dining room is hanging a pendant or a chandelier directly above the dining table. Let’s keep moving; ok we are in the kitchen now. Use bright light as much as you can, recessed lights is the main lightning source in kitchens; you can put it in the ceiling and the cabinets. If you have an island or a kitchen table, you can hang pendant or chandelier right above them.

Bathrooms lightings require some mixing between the bright and warm lights. You can use halogen spots to give you the brightest light you may need for shaving and grooming. You can use a down light at the shower room to help you stay relax. You can also hang a small chandelier in the ceiling.

Bedrooms lighting is more like the bathroom lighting. You spend your relaxing time in your bed room so; you need soft lighting like table lamps or wall lights. What about the stormy rainy winter mornings, you will need bright lighting to get ready for work, you can hang bright lighting pendant in the ceiling and use spotlight in your dresser.

It’s very important to put dimmer switch in each room to control the lighting level you want. Decoration is a big world and for sure you are allowed to improvise, but stay close to the basics.