Perk Up your Living Room with Unusual Curtain Designs

The right curtain for your living room isn’t a random one you see in the market featuring your favorite colors and pattern. Though it’s an important element, but choosing the ideal curtain, that can truly enliven up the atmosphere ever so matchlessly, usually requires various measurements, pinpointing your priorities, taking into account the style you want the room to depict, and the color palette of your living room.

Even so, you’ll find endless types to choose from but that should be the fun part. First of all, the fabrics of curtains vary between silk, cotton, and faux. Silk is the most elegant and cotton offers hugest durability.

There are fabrics intended to disguise any defects in the room. Other fabrics could help you maintain topmost privacy, reduce the amount of natural light getting into your room, and insulate sound and heat. You could also find curtains that are merely a decorative piece – such as black beaded curtains, for instance. Therefore, articulating your priorities is a must.

Your curtain should also compliment your living room’s style. For example, pick a curtain that exhibit flowing straight lines to achieve a minimalist appeal. Conversely, a fluffy curtain in rich fabrics and lavish trimmings or a tied-back curtain can look out of place if your living room doesn’t somehow spell history – as it’s the case in traditional, vintage, and Victorian style.

Best aspect of having a curtain is that all colors you choose in your living room could be pulled together in one item. One item could tie the entire place together. That’s one of many reasons why curtains are widely preferred to blinds and shades.

Go for a curtain with polka dots in your accent colors and a base in the main color. An antique rose window set is a smart solution as it encompasses durability, softness, functionality, and it’s also washable since it’s made of pure cotton.

In a monochromatic living room, opt for light fabrics in various hues of your single color to create a gradient cohesive feel. A layered curtain is also a brilliant choice; you can pair a printed curtain with net fillers in between to provoke a charming look.