Pink and Brown Nursery and Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Pink and brown are extremely universal colors. They are practically made for each other. So, decorating your baby girl’s nursery in a pink and brown theme is very popular these days. The pinks range from rose red to the palest shades of baby girl pinks. The browns vary from the deep chocolate browns to light tans.

For a baby girl’s nursery, you can use brown and pink theme with tan walls decorated in polka dots. You can also paint a tree wall mural, if you have space, with branches covered in flowers, and choose a crib bedding with a pink and brown floral design on it. However, if the nursery is small just paint a few flowering branches and that will do the trick. Moreover, the pink and brown color combination works well with all bedding types and sizes, and they are two colors that easily blend into other colors like blue, purple and green.

Brown is appealing also when decorating a bedroom. It is soft, and it works well with just about any hue. The color pink goes exceptionally well with this deep neutral. When decorating your bedroom in pink and brown, consider adding a lighter hue into the mix, such as creamy tan. This is the perfect third color option for flooring or walls.

For the bedspread choose one in a petal pink and rich brown. You can accessorize the bedding with an array of throw pillows in varying shades of pink, brown, and tan. Make them a total of six or seven to give the bed a rich and inviting look.

Moreover, choose a floral painting or metal wall art for a bare wall and that will be the focal point of the space. Or you can decorate your bedroom with pink hydrangeas. Put a smoky brown vase on a nightstand or dresser, and add an arrangement of faux pink hydrangeas.

A holistic understanding about the organization of such a wonderful decoration can be gained from viewing the accompanying photos.