Most Popular Decorative Paint Techniques

Colors are what eventually bring your house, along with its furnishings, to life. It’s a universal fact that Hans Hofmann emphasized by saying that the whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color.

Interior wall color schemes vary between triadic, analogous, complementary, contrasting and monochromatic colors. Each has its pros and cons, but the way you display the chosen color scheme is as important as the color itself. Fortunately, there are numerous techniques you could use to exhibit your wall paint palettes in the most artistic manner and some of them have gained remarkable popularity.

Faux Painting is one that allows you to create an illusion of any surface you like such as brick, marble, etc. It adds texture and vitality to your plain walls and ceilings. You could make faux painting on your ceiling to create an illusive texture of sky, popcorn, or stucco. It’s created by painting a base coat and then using glaze and paint to add the nuances and details.

For a DIY inexpensive faux paint technique, consider sponge painting or rag rolling. Both require following simple instructions and both manage to create a mottled effect with a truly unique look.

Alternatively, you could paint your walls with strips to create a tying cohesive look. It works better with pale-toned or monochromatic furniture as it offers a touch of texture. You could also apply the strips for one accent wall as it gives you more freedom to use bolder and darker shades.

Rubber Stamping is another interesting technique that adds a beautiful flair to your wall decor. Go for larger designs that have little details to create a clear look. Opt for stamps with complimenting designs and colors and use a roller and practice rubber stamping on a piece of paper or a whiteboard first.

Stencil Art is just like vinyl wall decals, only easier to apply and more versatile. You could use it in your kitchen by applying different fruit stencil paintings on your kitchen walls. You could also install it on one wall in your bedroom while painting other remaining walls with same color used for that stencil painting.

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