The 5 Most Popular Kitchen Trends This Year

This year, kitchens are not just about culinary skills anymore. This year, kitchen has become a dual-use (sometimes triple-use) space that lets you prepare your delicious masterpieces while entertaining your guests with style. These are the most popular kitchen trends for this year:

1- An industrious kitchen island is a popular kitchen trend for this years (frankly, it should be for all times). With cooking shows becoming so popular and introducing us to these wonders called kitchen islands with all their attachments and devices, it is no wonder that this has become a popular trend this year.

2- Efficiency is a popular kitchen trend for all times, not just this year. Because a kitchen is where efficiency is most needed. Pantry shelves are a good example of efficiency in action in this years kitchens. You will now be able to store all the ingredients and groceries you need for cooking with ease. The pantry even has pull out shelves so that you can find what you need quickly. No more waste of time looking for and rearranging small bottles and cans.

3- Vertical drawers are another popular trend characterizing kitchens this year. Interior designers have displayed absolute ingenuity in coming up with ideas, uses and spaces for drawers you never expected to see before. Vertical drawers help you store things like trays and lids safely consuming as little space as possible. You can also hide knives and sharp utensils from your little ones safely using these drawers.

4- Don’t you love to see the place where you spend most of your time inside the house looking as pretty as possible? This is what happens with this year’s chosen colors for your kitchen. Daring splashes of black, red, orange and metallic colors will give your kitchen all the charisma it needs for a stunning look.

5- This year’s kitchens show us that dazzling floorings can also be used in a kitchen. Porcelain tiles are a great choice available in limitless gorgeous patterns and colors at affordable prices.
Use the trends we have just shown you to upgrade your kitchen to a new definition of elegance and functionality.