The Positive Effect of Light upon Your Small Space by Paula McDonald

The effective way to solve your small space problems is to renovate your home and create an additional room or enlarge the existing rooms. However, this is an expensive and hard-to-apply option; so, you will use alternative ideas such as additional storage spaces, light colors, and lighting options. Here are a few ideas to enlarge the visual look of your small space using various lighting options.

The natural light is usually the dominant lighting option in both of the sunny and cold countries. In your small space, the large windows, small windows with light shades, and even skylights are perfect sources of natural light. If you can’t install a large window in every room, it will be a great idea to remodel the place and create an open designed home just like most of Manhattan apartments designed by Paula McDonald design team.

The LED lighting bulbs create an innovative technology to help you achieve your favorite mood saving your energy and bill at the same time. For example, you can install remote controlled LED bulbs that you can easily change their color and lighting patterns, dim them, or increase their lighting degree.

Recessed light is another amazing way to enlarge the visual look and focus light on a certain part of your kitchen. The accent hidden lights under cabinets and open shelves, inside closets and bookcases, and behind mirrors and suspended ceilings have an incredible effect to provide your small space a spacious feel. Just try and you will see the result.

Both of the natural and artificial lights will certainly enhance your positive feelings, as the sunny and bright surroundings can keep you optimistic, but try to avoid the hot spaces. You can avoid such bright lighting options in your bedroom, but make sure the place is clean and uncluttered.