The Power of Patterns in Your Traditional Home by Indigo and Ochre Design

Patterns make a strong statement in your traditional home creating a welcoming and a personal look in the place. You can use patterns different shapes and sizes and layer them to work with your fabrics, walls, ceiling, accessories, or floor. Here are a few rules to create harmony in using patterns inspired from the projects of Indigo and Ochre team.

To help your home pop with life without being cluttered, you can layer three patterns such as florals, gingham, and toile and build them upon it. In a traditional home in Clinton Hill Brownstone, Brooklyn NY, the team members of Indigo and Ochre create an inviting look using different colored pillows with simple patterns in addition to red suzanis and an antique coffee table.

For a lively and harmonious traditional home, you should create a balance in the size and color of your patterns. The team members of Indigo and Ochre decorate a classic Italian styled home using Moroccan tiles with leafy wooden patterns and molding details to match the brass accents and vibrant colors in the place.

Your choice to a certain pattern will define the theme of the place. For example, you can use floral, allover, scroll, damask, aboriginal, or polka dot patterns in a romantic themed room and mosaic or herringbone patterns to decorate a modern informal room. In a Brooklyn height apartment the team members of Indigo and Ochre use oriental patterned wall and floor tiles with rich shades of red, yellow, and blue to provide the place a sophisticated look.

The trellis patterned bathroom wall tiles create a uniquely luxurious look along with the brass fixtures and white walls. Actually, you can use large-scale patterns with light and shiny colors to create a spacious look or small patterns with rich colors to enhance the deep look of your traditional home.