Precious Information about the Furniture’s Paints

If you want to paint any unpainted, old painted or you want to change the color of any furniture piece you have, am here to help you to choose the paint kind that will give you the finish that you dream of. When it comes to paint types, you will find two types which are the latex and the oil based paint.

The latex paint is a product that is based on water; it’s so easy to use and dries so fast. One of the best things about latex paints is, it doesn’t cause that annoying smell like the based oil paints that we will talk about later. The latex paint also provides you with a finish that never cracks and the color of the paint stays the same without any yellowing.

There are some disadvantages of the latex paint, but some advantages can be avoided. If you choose to use latex paint, make sure to do the painting in a warm and dry day, because latex paint doesn’t perform well when the temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 Celsius. More one thing about the latex paint is that it may leave some streaks and spots.

Now, let’s to move to another kind of paints, which is the oil based paints. This paint consists of a combination of natural oils in addition to some chemicals, this combination produce a very solid and lasting paint. It gives such a glossy, durable and hard finish to any furniture piece. This paint is so different form the latex paint in two points, the first is that the oil based paints cause a very annoying smell, so make sure to use it outdoor in fresh air or in opened area like your garage.

The second point is that, the oil based paints can perform well in cool weather, however it’s better to use in warm weathers. Ok, it’s time to know to introduce you to the best types of sheens to get the best painting result. When it comes to the sheen, you will find many options ranging form the eggshell to hi- gloss. The best choice is to go with middle whether the stain or the semi gloss. They are easily to clean, so durable and you won’t face any problem, if you want to apply more coats of paint. One last thing, don’t forget to use a primer with latex or oil based paints, because primers are essential in blocking the old stains and in covering the contradiction in the wood’s surface.